Here are some photos from our puppybuyers. We hope for many nice photos from you all!

A lovely winterphoto of Ebba (McHaire Melody N) and Bosse (McHaire Master N).

Ebba (McHaire Melody N) och Bosse (McHaire Master N) Bella (McHaire By Design) and Charlie (McHaire Call-Out)

 posing nicely in the autumnleaves.

 are sharing the sunrays in the sofa.

Meja (McHaire Mapel N) working with the sheeps.
Meja (McHaire Mapel N) - a beardis with action Ebba (McHaire Melody N)

Tell me about the hares, I'm all ears Caesar (McHaire Don't Call Us).

Kajsa (McHaire By My Side) with her best friend Linus.

Shaggy (McHaire Metropolis N) in his new home.

Caesar (McHaire Don't Call Us).

Kajsa (McHaire By My Side) is resting after a visit at the golfcoarse.


Sudden (McHaire Maestro N) is doing his best to look cool.


Stella (M. By The Way), 10 months, at work.


Magnum (M. Magnum N) almost 2 years old.


Kajsa (M. By My Side) 8 months knows how to pose for the camera!


Molly (McHaire By Now) 3.5 months enjoying life.


Kajsa (McHaire By My Side)

Alfons (McHaire Matrix N)

"On top of my world"

 is happily posing with his ball


Kajsa (McHaire By My Side) nine weeks old

Bella (McHaire By Design) ten weeks old


Meja (M Mapel N) takes a drink out in the garden!


Ture (M Major N) loves to swim!


Alfons (McHaire Matrix N) enjoying sun and snow.

Bosse (McHaire Master N)
Bosse (McHaire Master N)
Alfons (McHaire Matrix N) in his garden.
Alfons (McHaire Matrix N) has a private pool.
Alice (McHaire Mayflower N) loves to take a bath, something her mum would never do.
Sudden (McHaire Maestro N) resting with his duck.
Meja (McHaire Mapel N) 14 weeks and growing fast, some legs seems to grow more than the others.
Meja (McHaire Mapel N) takes a nap after helping her family to dig and rearrange the garden
Sudden (McHaire Maestro N)
Alice (McHaire Mayflower N) with "big sister" Wilma.
Betty (McHaire All Through) sleeps like only a beagle can.
Ina (McHaire All the Way), 4 months takes a nap after going elk-hunting.


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