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Östergötlands beagleclub had their autumn show in Linköping today. Next generation McHaire beagles was first in the ring. Visa (McHaire Calling Card) was best bitchpuppy and her litterbrother Charlie (McHaire Call-Out) was best dog puppy and BIS-Puppy! Big congratulations to Charlie and Visas owner!!

The mother of the puppies, our own Stina (McHaire All Over) was 2nd best bitch beaten by her little sister  Stella (McHaire By The Way) who at her 3rd show won her 3rd BOB!! What a lovely hattrick!! Congratulations to Stellas owner!! Judge was Ann Carlström.  

McHaire Calling Card (bästa tikvalp) & McHaire Call-Out (Bästa valp)
BIR McHaire By The Way


Madicken and Ärtan are looking for new homes. See more at the puppypage!


Welcome to the world Elin, our long awaited for daughter and Antons littlesister!



We got a visit from Charlie (McHaire Call-Out) this weekend. He's grown a lot during his first 4,5 months and he reminds a lot of his mother Stina (McHaire All Over).



Charlie (McHaire Call-Out) 4.5 months.


Limericks offspring Gonnie's Highlander Lad and Goonie's Happiness repeated their results and again won their classes at the Specialty in Ånnaboda! Judging was mrs Sheila Burditt, Spain.


Meja (McHaire Mapel N) has today passed her herding instinct test with excellent score! Many concratulations to her owner Ulla Andersson.


Congratulations to mr. Gustav Karlsson and his Dante (SJCH SUCH Skällands Danne), father of our latest beagle puppies, who won his third CC this weekend and thereby is both hunting and show champion!


Congratulations! Two of Limericks (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) puppies - Hebbe, Goonie's Highlander Lad and Happy, Goonie's Happiness (4 months old) won today their classes (4-6 months) at the Specialty in Vänersborg! Hebbe was also awarded best male puppy! Judging was Paul Nymann from Denmark.


They have arrived! Nova (CH Lärkängen's Now and Forever) gave this morning birth to a litter of two boys and five girls, all black and correctly marked. The puppies are doing well and are taken care of by their very proud mother. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a puppy from this litter! Read more at the Puppy page!



Four days old puppies after CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal and


CH Lärkängens Now and Forever. The two males at the top of the picture. 


Happy first birthday to our beagle litter from last year! Many congratulations to Kajsa, Bella, Stella and Molly from us at McHaire!


Limerick (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) proudly presents his latest litter of six (1+5) puppies! We wish them and their mother good luck at kennel Dazzystars. in the Neatherlands!



Two days old puppies after CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal & CH Firstprizebears Blue Lagoon


Östergötlands Beagleclub spring show in Åkerslund. Stella (McHaire By The Way) followed up the success from last show with another BOB! Congratulations to the Carlberg family, Stellas owners. Judge was Olle B Häggkvist.



Åkerslund 2009: BIR McHaire By the Way & BIM Queens Night from Elly's Pack


Today the young Stella (McHaire By the Way) made her debut in the official classes. And she did fantastic, being awarded BOB at only 11 months,  BIS-junior and finally BIS-3 among all dogs!!! Judging was Ann Carlström, Sweden.


Photo: Camilla Bäckman
  Stella (McHaire By the Way) BIS-3, at only 11 months of age. 

Nova (CH Lärkängen's Now and Forever) is now ultrascanned and she's definitely in whelp. The father to be is our own  and the puppies are expected in the beginning of June.


Our beaglegirls have moved to new homes but we still have three beagleboys for sale. Contact us if you want to know more.

  Caesar, Charlie och Conny are ready to move from home.

It seems as Limerick (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Uhrstromtal) is going to be a father again! The mother to be is the Dutch Annie (CH Firstprizebears Blue Lagoon). Hopefully a litter of beautiful puppies will be born in Holland next month!



Annie (CH Firstprizebears Blue Lagoon) & Limerick (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal in March.


CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

CH Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove

CH Gillaber Drummond

CH Natterjack Just Perfect For Diotima

CH Firstprizebears Z'tampa

CH Firstprizebears Vancouver

CH Firstprizebears Kokomo

CH Firstprizebears Blue Lagoon

CH Double Scotch Blue Jolly Joker

CH Hell Narciso de Chester

CH Double Scotch Black Honeymoon

CH Firstprizebears Very Brown

Firstprizebears Emerson

CH Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton


Photos of the puppies at 7 weeks. Go to the puppies own page.


Today we have been in Stockholm to the international Easter Show. For the third time this year (!) we had a change of judge, and mrs Stella Clark was replaced with mr Paul Stanton, Sweden. Our Liisa (Memorylane U R My Sunshine) was showed for the very first time. She loved it, behaved perfectly, won her class and was placed reserv (fifth) among all bitches! Not bad at all! Limerick (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) also participated and was placed third in the champion class and reserv among all the males.  


Finally Nova (CH Lärkängens Now and Forever) is mated to Limerick (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal)! We keep our fingers and toes crossed for a bearded collie litter in the beginning of June and we are hoping they will inherit their parents good temperaments, health and conformation. Contact us if you are interested and wants to know more!


The beaglepuppies are growing fast and are now 5 weeks. Some new photos is on the puppypage. Here we are presenting some of the puppies at McHaire.


Liisa, (Memorylane U R My Sunshine) hope to come into bloom very soon!

We where at some shows this weekend in southern Sweden. On the Saturday it was Swedish Winner Show in Malmö. Magnum did his first appearance in open class with CQ and a reserv placing. Limerick was 4th in champion class, also with CQ. It was a change of judge so the breed was judged by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland. After the show we visited Kajsa (M. By My Side) from our last beaglelitter. Ewa Swedare, who owns daddy Nixon (CH Starmaids Leader of the Pack) vwas also there and we could soon see that Kajsa is a copy of her father. On the Sunday it was a speciality show for the Bearded collies and Ulrica Göransson was judging and chose Limerick as 3rd best dog.


  Kajsa (M. By My Side, 10 months) is a copy of her father Nixon (CH Starmaids Leader of the Pack)!

Limerick is celebrating his 3rd birthday with 'litte brother' Magnum.


We got beagle puppies today! Three males and two females, all tricolour. Puppies and mom Stina (McHaire All Over) are doing great. See more about the litter at the Puppies page.


We got Liisas hipscore result today and it was A/B.


The Swedish Dog Magazine "Härliga Hund" now runs a special number on Bearded Collie. Most of the dogs pictured belongs on McHaire! Unfortunately it's only available in Swedish...


Limerick proudly annonces the arrival of his latest litter! Seven puppies (three black boys, three black girls and one brown girl) were born yesterday at kennel Goonies! They are all correctly marked and very alert. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter (se pedigree below), don't hesitate to contact their breeders!


CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

CH Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove

CH Gillaber Drummond

CH Natterjack Just Perfect For Diotima

CH Firstprizebears Z'tampa

CH Firstprizebears Vancouver

CH Firstprizebears Kokomo

Goonie's Golly Miss Mollie

CH Breaksea Norwegian Wood

CH Moonhill's Does It In Style

CH Breaksea Imagine

CH Goonie's Dream Poem

CH Potterdale Exellence

CH Taildown's Once Upon a Time


The ultra-sound showed that Stina (McHaire All Over) is pregnant! Now we are looking forward to beagle puppies in the end of February.


Happy new 2009! From last year we like to remember:

Our lovely litter of beagle puppies, four sweet girls.

The event of the year - the World Dog Show in Stockholm, where all three dogs from us got excellent and was placed!

Stina (M. All Over) was showed only a few times. She won the open class at the World Dog Show in Stockholm and she was BIS at the Club Show in the county of Östergötland. 

Stella (M. By the Way) was best puppy in show at the Club Show in the county of Östergötland, only five months old.

Limerick (CH Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) became Swedish champion at his first start in the open class, only 24 months old. During the year he also gained his Norwegian and Danish titles. He was placed third at the WDS in a large, international champion class. At the Danish Specialty he was BIS!

Nova (CH Lärkängen's Now and Forever) was BOS at the Specialty in Denmark and thereby gained her Danish title as well.

Magnum (M. Magnum N) also got an excellent at the WDS and was placed forth in his class.

Lucky (Lp1 Alistair's Blue Nahema) was put to sleep just before christmas at the age of 12. We miss her terribly.