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The show year ends with the big show in Stockholm. This year were over 9,000 dogs entered! Mrs. Charlotte Höijer from Denmark judged the beardies. Limerick won his class with ck (10th time this year!), but was not placed among the top 5 males.

Our beagle Stina was placed 4th among the bitches by mrs. Keke Khan, USA.


Today we have been at two dog shows. Leif and Stina (McHaire All Over) were at the Beagle Clubshow in Rökinge and did very well! Our little madcap went BIS, just as she did at the clubshow this spring. Judging was mr Morgan Wackt, Sweden.

Karin went to the puppy show in Mjölby. Our bearded collie Magnum (McHaire Magnum N)ended BPIS-3 of over 160 puppies in his class (6-9 months)! Two of his litter mates were placed second in their class and Limericks daughter Inez (Old Highland's Zweet Image) was BOS in 4-6 months. Judging was Patrik Cederlöf, Sweden. What a great day! 

McHaire Magnum N

BOB & BIS-3 puppy!



Congratulations to Kristian and Sudden (McHaire Maestro N) when they made their debut in the showring today with BIS-5 at Norrköping Open Show.!

Sudden (McHaire Maestro N) relaxing before the "big moment" 


Congratulations our grand old lady 11 years! Hip hip horray for Lucky (Alistair's Blue Nahema).




This is a photo from our puppy meeting where seven of Novas eight puppies showed up. We had a great day and it was so much fun to see the puppies playing together again. Thanks to all for taking so good care of them and for showing up this day!


From the left: Meja, Magnum, Sudden, Bosse, Alfons, Ture och Sassa. Or as they are officially named:: Mapel, Magnum, Maestro, Master, Matrix, Major och Marigold.

We have got a lovely picture of the daughter and son of Limerick! They are four weeks old at the photo. They were born on kennel Old Highland's and are called Inez and Ingo.
Old Highland's Zweet Image (Inez) &
 Old Highland's Prize-fighter Image (Ingo)
At the Clubshow today Magnum (McHaire Magnum N), only 4.5 months old, was awarded BIS-puppy by the British breed specialist mr. Peter Fox, kennel Bushblades!! Magnum is still looking for a new home, see Puppy page.
  Limerick once again won his class with ck, but was not placed among the top 5 males today.


BIS-puppy McHaire Magnum N & BOS-puppy Malandex Xpatriate

Limerick won his 2nd CC today at the international show in Tvååker and ended 3rd of the males. Judge was breed specialist mr Johan Andersson, kennel Alistair's. 
We have been to the dog shows in Gotland this weekend. On Saturday, at the national show, Limerick won his class and ended 3rd best male. Judge was mrs. Eva Borg, Sweden.
So came Sunday - our day! Limerick won his class again and finally got his first CC! Hurray!! On top of that the Norweigan judge mrs. Kari Granaas Hansen placed him best male and also gave him his first CACIB. Limerick, only 16 months old, ended up BOS.
  BOS Firstone Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal and BOB Old Highland's Fall Head Over Heels
Limerick won his class again at the national show in Avesta. Mr Jan Stääv (Nickelbys, Sweden) was judging and placed Limerick as second of all males.
Our beagle"puppies" are celebrating their twoyearsday today. Congratulations to Stina and Betty!
13/06/07 Here is a photo of our two malepuppies. They are still looking for new owners. Interested? Welcome to contact us.
Stina was today BOS at the national show in Norrköping! Limerick finished 4th among the males.
  BOS McHaire All Over och BOB J Starmaids Leader of the Pack.
  Limerick has become a father! We wish the new little family at kennel Old Highland's good luck!
We have been to the clubshow in Falsterbo this weekend. On Saturday mrs Nina Lönner Andersson (Alistair's) judged the males and mrs Anne Andrews (Hecatie) judged the bitches. On Sunday it was the other way around. Limerick has turned 15 months and was entered in youth class for the first time. He won his class both days and finished 3rd of all males on Saturday and 4th on Sunday! Thanks to all for your kind words on our little boy!
Limerick is going to be a father! In a couple of weeks his puppies will be born at kennel Old Highland's. CH Old Highland's Zweet As Chocolate will be the mother.
Stina (McHaire All Over) was today BOB at the Beagle clubshow in Östergötland! Judge was Curt-Christer Gustafsson, Sweden. She has now entered three shows and been awarded BOB in two of them. She makes us so proud, our little girl!
18/04/07 The puppies have been playing outside a lot this week and they really enjoy themselves. See some photos at  the puppypage (5 weeks).
Limerick won his class today at the show in Stockholm and was placed 3rd of all males. Best male and BOS was his father Tolly (GBCH Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove) visiting Farmarens kennel. After today he is also Swedish champion - congratulations!
Limerick (left) and his father Tolly (CH Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove)
  Limerick (left) and his sire Tolly (CH Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove)
31/03/07 The puppies have moved down to the kitchen today. They have got a bigger space to explore and they have also tried eating food, even if the tablemanners still leaves a lot to wish!
Nova gave birth to eight lovely puppies. See Puppies.
Nova is in whelp and her tummy is growing more and more  each day. See more at the Puppypage!
03/03/07 Today we got the results of the hips of Limericks: A/A. Jippie!!
He did it again! Limerick was today awarded BIS puppy (4-12 months) at a show in Örebro were about 300 puppies were entered. Breed specialist and FCI judge mrs. Nina Lönner-Andersson (Alistair's) made him best beardie puppy. Mr. Henrik Johansson made him BIS Puppy! We are so proud of our little boy.



Nova is now mated to Pinocchio! We are hoping for puppies in the beginning of March .See more at the puppypage.