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November 19th

Today Limerick won BIS-puppy at a local puppy show with more than 100 puppies, all breeds, entered in his class (6-9 months)! Judges were Fredrik Steen (breed) and Patrik Cederlöf (BIS).
Foto: U. Nielsen

October 15th

Guinness worked hard during the weekend. On Saturday she chased a fox for over 90 minutes and on Sunday a hare was hunted for an hour before Leif could shoot it. 

July 1st


Stina, (McHaire All Over) 12 months old, was BOB and later on also placed 4 in the group at the national show in Borås today! Mrs. Anne-Marit Olsen, Norwegian beagle breeder, judged both the breed and the group. We are very proud of our little girl, especially as this was the first time a McHaire hound attended a show! 

McHaire All Over - BOB & BIG-4 at SKK Borås

June 13th


Our beagle puppies Betty and Stina are one year old today. Hurray! 


April 19th


Today he arrived, our new beardie boy Limerick (Firstone Aus dem Elbe - Urstromtal ). He is bread by Mrs Cornerlia Loest in Belgium. Proud parents are CH Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove (UK) and CH Firstprizebear's Z'Tampa. Click the photo of him to get to his own page.


April 13th

Welcome to the world, our long awaited for son, Anton!!!

Mars 2nd


On the last day of the hunting season Leif was able to shoot the first hare for Stina (eight months old). They were both very proud!


February 5th


The hunting season is soon over and below you can see Guinness result from last weeks hunting. Also our puppy Stina has shown great interest in hunting hares during the season.


January 5th


The year has had a sad beginning as we today have said farewell to Simson. We are very grateful for the almost twelve years we have had together. He was a great personality and has left a great blank behind him. Sleep tight, our beloved friend!


Highlights from 2005    


Our prefix McHaire was registered.


    In June Guinness (Champhurst Forgotten Dreams) gave birth to our first litter.Three lovely beagle puppies. Stina (McHaire All Over) stayed with us. 

 Our beardie Nova (CH Lärkängen’s Now and Forever) gained her Swedish champion title and did also win BOB twice and BOS once.